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Access Control

Types of Access Control

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Access and presence control systems for companies, sports centers, institutions and security facilities using RFID, biometric and fingerprint readers, facial recognition and fingerprint. Access and presence control systems,. Time and attendance software included.

Access and presence control

An access control system gives the possibility of accepting or denying the entry and/or exit of a person or vehicle to a specific enclosure. In Qualica-RD we have different solutions for access control, both for indoor and outdoor, adapting to the needs of all types of environments. All solutions are customizable. We integrate and adapt. Contact us to specify your needs and we will study the solution that best suits what you really need.


The turnsytles of access control allow and deny access to people. The direction of passage (unidirectional or bidirectional) and the flow of people will determine the type of winch to be installed. In the case of people with reduced mobility, QUALICA-RD winches are equipped with folding arm and special width, allowing the passage of everyone, without exceptions. The terminals and readers allow individual identification of persons for access to the premises. In addition, readers can be easily integrated into the turnstile itself. There are options in multiple forms and applications. They are classified according to: - Identification method: a. Fingerprint b. Facial recognition c. Proximity cards (RFID) d. Numeric password - Connectivity: a. Stand-alone access control b. Networked access control These equipments have relay output which allows the connection of output with different electrical devices that complement the process: alarms, surveillance system, lathe or corridor opening, among many other options, always being able to count on the advice, study, installation and maintenance that we offer in QUALICA-RD. They identify and authorize the passage of vehicles. In addition, they can be combined with license plate readers, remote controls, etc. for a faster and more convenient service. Possibility of integration with the customer's personnel management software