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Biometric Terminals

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They are Android terminals with biometric and multiple reading options RFID, NFC, UHF, facial recognition, fingerprint, iris, temperature, including 1D and 2D barcode scanners, among others. Long battery life and high resistance for demanding environments. Approved for drops, dust and scratches. Integrates Android 10.0 OS and advanced processor, easy to use configuration.

Readers for time and attendance and access control

The access and presence control systems are extremely useful for those places where an identification process is needed for access, an entry and exit time (or time of presence) needs to be registered, or where it is necessary to control that access is only allowed to people with a certain security profile. This access control can be done in many ways but the most used in companies to control the access of workers or control the time of presence in the company of employees is by readers installed at the entrance of the company. These readers can be of many types depending on the degree of security that we want to implement or that our facilities need. From the simplest ones, such as the numerical code assigned to each employee, to facial recognition or fingerprint systems, with completely non-transferable credentials.

A reader for access control by biometrics, fingerprint or RFID, is the most appropriate system to integrate an access control system and presence at work because it allows to implement any of the identification systems. Depending on the identification needs and the level of privacy of access to the facilities desired at any given time, it will be more worthwhile to use an RFID card model where a card or RFID access tags are sufficient (with the consequent risk of exchange of cards or tags) or a fingerprint or biometric identification system will be necessary, where the identification is unique and non-transferable by necessity. The lighting conditions, the level of access, the type of work and the area of the facility where it is implemented will determine the type of access control system the organization needs.

  • The RFID access control system is compact and with very small dimensions that can be integrated anywhere and allow access by opening doors, turnstiles or any other system. These models usually have a very simple software that identifies the user with his card, although it does not guarantee that the user who owns the card is the one who has activated the access control.
  • The fingerprint access control system, although it requires a higher volume of equipment, can be located almost anywhere and its identification system is unique and non-transferable. It has a reader that detects when a person puts his finger on the fingerprint reader and the scanning of the fingerprint is immediate, allowing an unequivocal and completely private access.
  • The biometric reading access control system consists of a device with a camera and an infrared lighting system that, when it detects a human figure in front of it, activates the scanner by detecting key points on the user's face. These data are contrasted with those configured in the user's registration in the access control system and, if they are correct, are automatically validated. These systems are completely secure and, like the facial identification systems of mobile devices, do not differentiate between having closed eyes, open eyes or forms of facial expression.

Time and attendance control at work

Undoubtedly this reader system, either fingerprint, biometric or RFID, is the most used in companies to control the hours of each worker in the facilities, as well as to control the punctuality of each employee, being the most demanded system the fingerprint one because it prevents fraud by help of coworkers entering their code or passing the RFID card. Do you need a different access control system? Click here to see our access turnstiles. RFID cards, card printers and RFID tags such as key fobs and wristbands are also available.