9dBi antenna (UHF-RFID)
23 meters maximum distance

Qualica-RD 9dBi panel antenna. Portable panel antenna with fast read and write features, long distance and bulk tag reading, with high data security guaranteed.

The device is portable, lightweight and easy to install, it has a high degree of IP protection. Taking this into account, Ant-RC09-255/255 is an ideal antenna for various industries; logistics, warehousing, transportation, retail, medical treatment, electric power, finance, ticket management and livestock industry, etc.

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Qualica-RD Antenna 9 dBi
  • High performance, light weight and small size
  • umbral antena 9dbi qualicardAntenna and reader are separate
  • Fast reading and writing, long distance
  • IP67
  • Antenna cables (optional, customizable):
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR2-1M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR2-5M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR2-15M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR4-5M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR4-15M

Additional information


-Frequency range: 902-928MHz / 865-868MHz
-Polarization type: RHCP
-Gain: 9dBi
-3dB Beamwidth. Plan H: 60°
– 3dB Beam Width. Plan E: 55°
-VSWR: ≤1.3
-Front-reverse ratio: ≥17dB
-Input resistance: 50Ω
-Max. power input: 20W
-Lightning Protection: DC Grounded


-Connector type: Type N Female
-Dimensions (mm): 255*255*30 (mm)
-Weight: 1.27kg (with mounting bracket)
-Material: ABS
-Color: off white
-Radiant board material: aluminum
-Operating temperature: -40ºC / +60ºC
-Sealing: IP67
-Installation mode: Pole or wall mounting
-Support pole diameter: φ30-φ50 (mm)
-Nominal wind speed: 60m/s