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Qualica-RD Enterprise Professional is an advanced solution for time and attendance control that allows you to manage clocking in and out, shifts, calendars, record incidents (breakfast, lunch, doctor, business meeting, smoking, etc…), consult accumulated balance and calculate payroll. 

In addition, it includes an access control module to define different access time slots for the worker. Multiple verification modes (PIN, RFID, fingerprint). Multi-language.


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Qualica-RD Professional Enterprise software Features

Qualica-RD Enterprise Professional software automatically processes and relates clockings, after downloading from the terminal, notifying the wrong days and clockings to facilitate and speed up the management of schedules.

  • Automates the management of payroll and accumulated balance.
  • Calculates hours worked as well as access punches.
  • Automatically matches and processes clockings after downloading from the terminal.
  • Warns of odd or irregular clockings.
  • Exports to Word, Excel, PDF, text and HTML.
  • Databases, SQL Server, My SQL and Oracle.
  • Multi-language.

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  • Import employees from CSV.
  • Includes calendar and user profile.
  • Can store fingerprints and faces for recognition in biometric terminals.

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  • Recognizes rounding in clockings, automatic breaks and recording of incidents.
  • Allows to identify those users who have exceeded the time established for an incident.

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  • Day, night, rotating and flexible shifts.
  • Estimates payroll by shift, schedule compliance, validity of the recorded incidence.
  • Shifts of more than 24 hours.

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  • Calendars can be defined and customized for each employee.
  • Allow variations and record incidents (vacations, travel, etc.).

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  • Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and ASCII text.
  • Creation of attendance record and schedule reports.

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  • Manages different payroll concepts, such as regular hours, overtime, extra days.
  • Payrolls can be compensated following a period or the employee’s schedule.
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Additional information


MySQL, SQL Server y Oracle

Hard Disk

4.5 GB of free space


Microsoft Framework. NET 4.7.2 or higher


1 GHz

Monitor resolution

1600 px x 900 px

Supported operating system

Windows 7 or higher