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Temperature Measurement Readers

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The access and presence control by temperature measurement reader is a high-speed device ideal for controlling the temperature at the access of workers or people in a space. It incorporates the most advanced German temperature sensor on the market. No blackbody required. Allows detection of people with and without masks, increasing safety.

Facial + palm + temperature access control

We have included in our catalog access control and time control terminals by facial recognition and/or palm of the hand with temperature measurement (+/-0.3º). Indispensable if we want to protect our staff and avoid stopping production due to a possible contagion. An important condition to be able to use these time clocks is that they cannot be installed in front of a strong light source (sun, spotlights) because the recognition by means of a camera affects the "backlight". These devices will give us a plus of security in the current situation. Although its cost is somewhat higher than one that does not have temperature detection, much higher is the cost of having to stop the production of our entire company, so it is quickly amortized. As a time clock it will guarantee that the person who performs the clocking is the one who should do it and saves us the cost of having to purchase cards, so it can be a more economical system than with strip or proximity cards. This equipment allows us to open doors, or activate any electronic device, such as automatic doors, turnstiles, barriers, etc... when an authorized person signs in, either by facial recognition, fingerprint, card (optional) or code + pin. They have an auxiliary relay that can be connected to a siren and that provides an acoustic warning in case of detection of abnormal temperature.

Temperature access control for companies

If the installation is carried out in companies, it can also be used to know who is inside the facilities in case of emergency, allowing also to elaborate reports with the times worked by the employees. The use of biometric means for personnel control is perfectly legal and does not entail any problem with regard to the RGPD, being implemented in hundreds of companies and public agencies in our country. If you would like to receive information or a quote for our systems, click here to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.