Wired remote control button for Turnstiles

A remote control button for turnstiles for access control refers to an access control device wireless command used to operate turnstiles in access control systems. These turnstiles, often found at entrances to buildings, public transportation stations and events, are physical barriers that regulate the flow of people, allowing or restricting passage in a controlled manner.

The role of the remote control button in this context includes:

  • Remote Operation: Allows operators or security personnel to activate or deactivate the turnstile from a remote location. This is especially useful in situations where direct supervision and manual control are necessary.
  • Emergency Management: In emergency cases, such as evacuations or risk situations, this device can be used to quickly unlock turnstiles, facilitating the quick and safe exit of people from the area.
  • Selective Access: In certain scenarios, such as to facilitate the passage of people with reduced mobility or for handling bulky equipment, the remote control provides a convenient way to open the turnstile without requiring interaction with card systems or biometrics.

This button is part of a integrated access control system which may include other components such as card readers, biometric systems, and surveillance cameras.


Qualica RD Black Hole SUN400 Wired remote control button 2

Additional information

Button Function

1: individual entry, 2: group entry, 3: group exit lock, 4: individual exit


Steel + black baked varnish


AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz

Voltage Operation

12V DC

Operating Temperature

-20 °C ~ +75 °C


0 ~ 95%

Net weight



125 * 70 * 25mm


Includes a 2 meter cable