Automatic door for accesses.
Opening by motor / closing by spring.

QRD-PBP Automatic Door has an operating automatism with movements of low kinetic energy to avoid damage users who may collide with the blade. It is the ideal automation system for doors where uninformed people pass through, in need of special protection or people with reduced mobility.

The opening is performed by a motor controlled by an encoder and an electronic circuit that guarantee that if the blade collides with anything or anyone, the motor thrust stops. The closure is made by a spring as if it were a manual door, but under the supervision of the encoder.

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QRD PBP automatismo para puertas automaticas
  • Traffic for people with reduced mobility:
    1. Function “people with reduced mobility” and “push and go”
    2. Function “people with reduced mobility” and “manual opening”
    3. Function “persons with reduced mobility” and “automatic door”
QRD-PBP Automatic Door Features

As a complement to the range, there are the following models PBP-1 and PBP-2 (motorized opening and spring closing for heavy doors) and PBP-3 (motorized opening and closing). As well as the models with battery.

  • Push & go (automatic opening by pushing the leaf).
  • Sensitivity to obstacle with reversal of movement.
  • Wind stop (retains the wind thrust in opening and closing).
  • Electric lock management with multiple functions.
  • Possibility to deactivate the safety sensor in opening.
  • Pause time: automatic increase in entrances “with traffic”.
  • Pause time: 0-20 sec.
  • Night function: the door closes after 12 sec.
  • Adjustment of leaf movement parameters.
  • Test function (cyclic openings – closings).
puerta automatica qrd pbp

Additional information


115 / 230 Vac, +/- 10 %, 50 – 60 Hz 230 V

Power supply accessories

24 Vdc, 1 A

Max. sheet width

1.500 mm




PBP-1; dock, PBP-2; dock, PBP-3; motor


Height x depth x width: 120mm x 110mm x 550 mm

Dimensions with batteries

Height x depth x width: 120mm x 110mm x 730 mm

Durability test

500,000 cycles

Degree of protection

IP 31


9.5 kg (11 kg with battery)

Max. sheet weight

PBP-1; 120 kg, PBP-2; 250 kg, PBP-3; 250 kg


120 W

Ambient temperature

-15 º C + 50 º C

Arm types

Sliding and sliding with elbow (pull system). Articulated (pusher system)