Steel security door (manual locking with key)

Qualica-RD 6004A is a full-height pedestrian gate of manual operation and single type, which is unlocked with a mechanical key on both the inlet and outlet sides. Easy to install and maintain.

This door can be used as a stand-alone unit or in combination with a full-height turnstile to control access in restricted areas. This combination is the most common and ideal solution for managing the access of package deliveries, trolleys and people with reduced mobility.

  • 3 years warranty
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Qualica RD 6004A steel security door
Qualica RD 6004A Puerta de seguridad cierre manual con llave
Qualica RD 6004A opciones de color 1

Additional information

Frame material

Brushed 304 stainless steel, durable and anti-rust resistant


1000 * 50 * 2300 mm

Interior height

2080 mm

Passage width

900 mm

Direction of passage

Unidirectional and Bidirectional

Net weight



10 million

Opening direction

One sense

Operating temperature

-50 °C ~ 50 °C

Operating humidity

0 ~ 95% (without freezing)

Work environment

Indoor / Outdoor (IP65 watertightness level)

Flow rate

Flow rate 20~60 persons per minute