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Qualica-RD is a company specialized in automatic identification systems, access control and advanced technology that has continued to grow since its founding in 2012.

At Qualica-RD we study each case and provide solutions in all types of environments. We offer services of study, installation, maintenance and support of identification systems at local, national and international level. Always from the hand of professionals in the sector with experience, trajectory and training in the technologies and solutions we provide. We guarantee the highest quality, security and attention in the result. We have a network of distributors in 42 countries.

  • Compatibility with third parties
  • Safety and security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Project study
  • Personalized attention
  • Follow-up of the process
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Our history 10 years of experience in the sector are our guarantee

We are techno-freaks of innovation. At Qualica-RD the principles of honesty, hard work, technological vision and care for all the points that make up this brand are paramount; our co-workers, our suppliers and our customers.

Qualica-RD founded in July 2012, the company located in Cordoba, demonstrates its technological character and its export potential and finishes its first year of life selling in 17 countries and with a turnover of more than one million Euros, obtaining the Emprende XXI award best Startup in Andalusia (2013).

In 2013, Qualica-RD was ranked as the fourth best startup in Spain that same year, AJE award for best technological idea in Cordoba (2013), award for best Startup in Cordoba (2013). and a long list of subsequent awards such as AJE award for best professional career in Cordoba (2015), etc.

In 2014 Qualica-RD founds together with WUL4 the startup Paythunder which is also recognized as one of the best technology startups in Europe. “the Spanish Google” according to some media outlets or the “Blade runner” ”Cordobés”, developing proprietary technology, artificial intelligence, robotics and means of payment.

Currently, the Qualica-RD products are available in 42 countries or some of the most important armies in Northern Europe.

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