Electronic cylinder type lock with fingerprint, card, bluetooth and pin

QRD-CEHTB/CEPTB are security cylinder locks with recognition of fingerprint, RFID ID card, Bluetooth and password, adaptable for mounting on any door. Made of stainless steel. Its operation is independent and wireless, thanks to three AAA batteries that allow up to 3,000 uses. Installation is simple, you can do it yourself; you will only need a screwdriver for replace your old mechanical cylinder and put the smart lock in place.

Uses the latest technology in identification by fingerprint or card or bluetooth from your cell phone and app. It is equipped with an unlocking motor that ensures over 5,000,000 uses.

  • 2 years warranty.
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Características QRD-CEHTB/CEPTB Electronic cylinder type lock
  • The opening mechanism is located on the inside of the door, making it virtually impossible for a thief to operate it.
  • Never again will you have to change your door cylinder if your tenant, cleaning or temporary staff leaves, simply erase your card.
  • Bluetooth for remote access from app and transfer permissions to a cell phone.
  • Safety warning after 5 attempts and 3m locking.
  • Energy saving with a button that “wakes up” the cylinder.
  • Adjustable cylinder length.
  • The cylinder has an alarm system when the batteries are below 20%.

Additional information

Card capacity

3 master cards and 97 user cards

Card technology

13,56Mhz HF


3,6V-5V (3xAAA)

Consumption at rest

10A in operation 135mA


QRDCEHTB has 2,000 uses, QRDCEPTB has 3,000 uses

Low battery warning


Adjustment range



guarantees more than 5,000,000 uses

Temperature operation

-40ºC to 80ºC



Capacitive sensor


Footprint resolution

560 dpi

Recognition time

< 0,8s

User capacity

3 administrators and 497 normal footprint users

Card capacity

50 RFID cards


0.6'' OLED