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PVC Card Printers

Types of PVC Card Printers

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These are PVC card printers for identification of persons. It is responsible for turning a white card into a real ID card, either with encoded RFID technology or simply with personal or corporate data.


Save up to 65% on your credentials

  • YMCKO + 200 cards/hour.
  • Monochrome + 1000 cards/hour.
  • Informative LCD screen.
  • 200 cards feeder.
  • 100 cards receptacle.
  • Automatic ribbon detection.
  • Enhanced 300 dpi print head.
  • Keyed magazine lock (optional).
  • Superior print quality (Enchanced Fine™).

PVC card printer?

The PVC card printer for people identification is responsible for turning a white card into a real ID card, either with RFID system or simply with personal or corporate data. There are a multitude of card printing systems, from the most economical with single-sided printing, without RFID technology to large double-sided card printing and RFID encoding systems that, thanks to the card hoppers and the loading of identification data, can print and encode with a high level of detail up to 500 cards in a row. In addition, you can always carry your card or badge with you thanks to the wide range of accessories available: sleeves, lanyards, safety pins, clips and much more.

Always, very important, calculate the total number of cards to be printed per year. The number of units will determine the printer model to be purchased.



How does a PVC card printer work?

A basic compact and inexpensive printer will allow you to print white PVC cards, single or double-sided. The next step, if you do not want to set up RFID identification, is to use a double-sided printer or one with a bulk-loading hopper. These PVC card printing systems are often used with RFID technology for access control, either by turnstiles or by simple identification. This is where they reach their true utility, as in the case of large sports centers, loyalty cards, etc. For this type of large print runs, it is common to use printers with a 500-card feeder. The software used for printing large runs of cards allows the loading of a CSV or Excel file, as well as integration with various CRM and ERP systems for massive RFID encoding and simultaneous printing, obtaining a card that has the corporate image, the data of a user or customer and an RFID encoding that allows identification and a series of actions depending on the capacity of the card.


In addition to printing, printers can also be reprinters in the case of rewritable cards. Thanks to printers such as QUALICA-RD PHOENIX RW, cards delivered by other users can be re-encoded, thus reducing their cost. High-end, high-end inputs, there will always be an option that suits your idea. High printing quality and security at low cost.


The consumables for card printers, the printing ribbons, are basic for a good printing result and there is a great variety depending on the final look you want to obtain. In addition to the classic consumables in monochrome and color, we have the following novelties and additions:

  • Scratch card printing
  • Holographic printing
  • Silver or gold printing
  • Lamination
  • Ultraviolet printing and watermark