12dBi antenna (UHF-RFID)
30 meters maximum distance.

Qualica-RD 12dBi panel antenna (Ant-RC12). Characterized by its high sensitivity, superior reading performance and long-distance reading capacity of bulk tags. It has an IP67 protection rating and good waterproofing.

These parameters make the device perfectly adapted to the maximum performance in a wide range of industries such as; intelligent transportation, warehousing, event management, production line management, inventive retail strategies, financial management and medical equipment management, etc.

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Qualica-RD Antenna 12 dBi
  • Attractive design, easy to install and use
  • umbral antena 12dbi qualicardFast reading and writing, long distance
  • IP67
  • Antenna cables (optional, customizable):
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR2-1M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR2-5M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR2-15M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR4-5M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/NM-LMR4-15M

Additional information


-Frequency range: 902-928MHz / 865-868MHz
-Polarization type: RHCP
-Gain: 12 dBi
-3dB Beamwidth. Plan H: 40°
– 3dB Beam Width. Plan E: 38°
-VSWR: ≤1.3
-Front-reverse ratio: ≥17dB
-Input resistance: 50Ω
-Max. power input: 20W
-Lightning Protection: DC Grounded


-Connector type: Type N Female
-Dimensions (mm): 445*445*30 (mm)
-Weight: 2.66kg (with mounting bracket)
-Material: ABS
-Color: off white
-Radiant board material: aluminum
-Operating temperature: -40ºC / +60ºC
-Sealing: IP67
-Installation Mode: Pole Mount
-Support pole diameter: φ30-φ50 (mm)
-Nominal wind speed: 60 m/s