Safe and sturdy tripod.
Ultra-quiet motor.

T-SKR COMPACT is a tripod turnstile that occupies a space minimal due to its lightweight design and its only support. Equipped with a ultra-quiet motor, and all the necessary elements to guarantee a safe and comfortable passage. Its structure of high quality stainless steel tube, coupled with its operation bidirectional electronic, The high flow capacity of the system makes it suitable for any through-flow requirement, both in outdoor as well as indoor.

A turnstile with an attractive design and great robustness for a single support of easy assembly, with a high level of integration and connectivity with existing access control systems.

  • 2 years warranty.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (with protective cover) (-25 ° to +50 ° C)
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Additional information


– Height: 1050 mm.
– Length: 256 mm.
– Width: 398 mm.
– Passage width: 550 – 570 mm.

Standard equipment

– Anti-panic system (arm drop by external alarm).
– Fail Safe: safety release in case of power failure.
– Communication interface for various identification systems. Input / Output: RS485 / Ethernet / USB / Others.
– Bidirectionality.
– Electronic operation.

Materials and finishes

– Cabin: stainless steel tubes. of 2mm. and 4 mm.
– Top cover: brushed stainless steel.
– Arm: brushed stainless steel tube with 40 mm diameter.
– Optional surface finishes: RAL colors.

Options and accessories

• Signaling equipment.
– Slot for proximity reader integration.
– Drop Arm Panic System (Drop Arm by external alarm).
– Remote control panel or touch screen.