Qualica-RD turnstiles Seville Council

Installation of Qualica-RD Turnstiles with readers of facial recognition and temperature sensors, in the Diputación de Sevilla.


The Seville Provincial Deputation has taken a step forward by incorporating the artificial intelligence of Qualica-RD and the automation of processes to the Personal Registration and Time & Attendance control of the public employees that make up its staff.

Within the Innovation and Smart Territory Plan, axis of Governance and Digital Transformation, approved by the Provincial Plenary, and as a result of the collaborative synergy of the Internal Regime and Public Employee areas of the Institution and the INPRO IT company, the Provincial Council has installed a new facility Access Control Turnstiles for workers with facial recognition terminals nd temperature sensors. A software that can also incorporate capacity forum control for events with QR code.

The turnstile installed is the TORNO PASILLO EG-SG COMPACT, a compact corridor with glass leaves, only 12 cm wide per module. Extensive customization options, single and double wing versions, and abundant configurations to suit any need remain, especially in space-restricted installations that require a high level of security and an attractive appearance at the same time. Steel construction, robust motor with electronic and bidirectional operation, possibility of integrating proximity devices, indoor and outdoor application, complete set of high security sensors and two-year warranty. All these features make it the ideal solution for any through flow.

The LECTOR BIOMÉTRICO QRD1000 IFace Android™ implanted terminal is biometric, contactless for Access & Attendance control. It has face recognition with a high speed (with functions of detection of masks), veins of the palm of the hand and incorporates the most advanced European temperature sensor on the market. It does not scan the face or the palm of the hand, so an encrypted alphanumeric key is obtained from a face or palm The process is irreversible, preventing the face or palm from being obtained from that key.

It has been shown that the tear duct area has the best correlation with internal body temperature, therefore, the camera used takes temperature measurements in that area. The facial recognition capacity reaches a maximum of 30,000 face templates with a recognition speed of less than 0.3 seconds per face and is protected against spoofing thanks to its algorithm.

This advanced device can also help in contagious and infectious disease surveillance, which is extremely helpful in combating the spread of disease outbreaks, especially in hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, stations, and other public areas.

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