Installation of Solar Panels

Qualica-RD installs solar panels in its offices

Photovoltaic self-consumption installation of 8,100 Wp

We are very happy with the service provided by Enchufe Solar, the company in charge of installing a rooftop photovoltaic self-consumption system with 18 solar panels of 450 Wp for a total power of 8,100 Wp. This solar plant will avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 2.92 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to planting 6 trees per year.

Qualica-RD a leading company in automatic identification systems, consumes 13,939 kilowatts per hour per year. Now, after the installation of the solar panel field, 80.19% of this energy will be self-produced, resulting in significant savings.

Visit the link to the news item on the Enchufe Solar blog.

  • No. of panels: 18
  • Total power: 8,100 Wp
  • CO2 savings: 2.92 Tn
  • Equivalent in trees: 6
  • Percentage of consumption: 80.19%
  • Years of amortization: 6 years

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