Barrier for vehicle control.
Very heavy traffic. Steel furniture.

The barrier QRD 3 / 5 XT designed for vehicle control at restricted access points with heavy traffic, high-capacity parking lots or toll roads, and where it is also required to control vehicles in the following areas high maneuvering speed. Steel outdoor furniture with cataphoresis treatment painted in polyester.

Three-phase 230 Vac asynchronous motor, self-ventilated and control panel with inverter. to regulate the speed of the programmable motor with deceleration functions at the end of the stroke and obstacle detection system. It incorporates an external release for manual operation in case of power failure.

  • Optional oval arm with LED lighting can be installed.
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Features of the 3/5 XT Barrier
  • 230 Vac electromechanical barrier with encoder.
  • Motor with speed regulation by inverter.
  • Use in heavy traffic.
  • Torque control with reversal in case of obstacle.
  • External quick release.
  • Easy left/right hand changeover.
  • Control panel compatible with TCP/IP and RS485 communication protocols.
  • Manufacture in stainless steel on request.

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Parking Barrier QRD-3/5 XT

    Additional information


    230 Vac; 50 60Hz

    Cycles / day

    3 XT: 20.000 c/d
    5 XT: 5.000 c/d

    Position control

    Optical encoder

    Investment per impact


    Oval arm length H65

    3 XT: 3 m
    5 XT: 5 m

    Three-phase asynchronous motor

    230 Vac


    59 kg.


    370 W


    IP 54

    Thermal range

    -30ºC a 60ºC

    Maneuvering time

    3 XT: 0,7 seg.
    5 XT: 3 seg.