Web attendance module. Great flexibility for the control of your organization

The cloud attendance software module QRD2000 CLOUDMATPRES, supports multiple credentials such as fingerprint, palm and RFID cards.

Multiple connectivity options and email/SMS notifications to employees and supervisors for different events, including employee check-in and check-out, incident application, incident request and approval, monthly attendance, missing clockings, overtime compensation, etc.

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Qualica-RD CLOUDMATPRES software module features

Qualica-RD CLOUDMATPRES software, both web portal and mobile app, employees can request incidents, travel, compensation. Different lists (over 150) customizable by company, departments, users and periods in pdf, Excel, Word, RTF, CSC format.

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Employee Shitfs

  • Automatic shift correction: when working with multiple shifts, many times changes are made and employees take a different shift than usual. The application corrects the shift based on the markings.


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  • Holidays and long weekends: 30 different holiday calendars with 32 holidays each can be created. Some holidays with start and end dates to extend periods. You can also create long weekends.


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  • Manual entries and corrections of I/O events to correct factors that are not defined in the attendance and occurrence policies.

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Signups and Notifications

  • The administrator can easily send alert messages to a group. Subsequent adjustments: HR can correct data after the fact and apply new policies.


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