Modern, safe and efficient.
The Universal Lathe.

TRÍPODE T-BA is a universal tripod with multitude of applications. Its modern design, efficiency and safety of its operation and the high quality of its manufacturing process are its hallmarks. It has a structure of high quality stainless steel and a careful design, which facilitates integration into any environment.

Modern control electronics allow for a easy incorporation to existing access control systems, allowing communication with different identification and signaling devices.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (AISI 316) ( -10 ° to + 50 ° C)
  • 2 years warranty.
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Customizable LED lights. Integrated card collector. Maintenance free. Infi nity of finishes and colors. Fingerprint and facial recognition. European factory. Turnkey. ebeans sensors, detects thin legs. Panic system with automatic opening. Sales policy the architect is protected.

Additional information


– Height: 1100 mm.
– Length: 1090 mm.
– Width: 320 mm.
– Passage width: 550 mm.

Standard equipment

– Fail Safe: safety release in case of power failure.
– Communication interface for various identification systems (Input / Output: RS485 / Ethernet / USB / Others).
– Bidirectionality.
– Electronic operation.
– Power input 13.8 V DC. Optional: 24/230 V AC.

Materials and finishes

– Cabinet: brushed stainless steel.
– Top cover: brushed stainless steel.
– Arm: brushed stainless steel tube with 40 mm diameter.
– Optional surface finishes: Polished steel, black lacquered intermediate cabinet.

Options and accessories

• Signaling equipment.
– Slot for proximity reader integration.
– Access Light (mounted on top cover).
– Remote control panel or touch screen.


– Anti-fraud sensors to detect overpass or underpass.