Mifare® memory card with a smaller capacity than the Mifare® Classic. They are mainly used in ticketing or transport systems and are usually found embedded in cardboard or PVC. They incorporate an EEPROM with a smaller capacity than the Classic but sufficient for the applications for which it is intended.

  • Compatible with the remaining Mifare®.
  • Anti-collision
  • Communication distance 5 cms approx.
  • Data transfer rate 106 kbits/s
  • UID 7 bytes (ISO 14443A, cascade level 2)
  • Data integrity; 16 bit CRC, parity per byte, bit coding, bit count check
  • 512 bit EEPROM, organized in 16 4-byte blocks
  • 32 bit one-time programmable OTP (one-time programmable OTP zone)
  • 384 bit read/write memory for user data.
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