Premium “pay-per-access” solution.
Innovation and autonomy guaranteed.


EG-SPA is a solution “pay for access” specifically designed for public spaces. Designed to work only after a payment has been made, which enables the collection of income for the maintenance of the service. In addition, it has a cash desk and can optionally be equipped with a key lock and ticket printer.

Also available in a version of wide step to meet accessibility requirements for people with disabilities reduced mobility.

  • 2 years warranty.
  • Suitable for indoor use (10°C to 50°C)
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EG-SPD/SPDR turnstile in its straight and curved versions of elegant and sober design, is the top level for any access control that requires a premium image. A multitude of finishes, extensive customization options, single or double-leaf versions and plenty of configurations to suit any passageway needs, are the calling cards of a corridor that will meet your project requirements. Always with European manufacturing, steel construction, possibility of integrating proximity devices, complete set of high security sensors… All these characteristics make it ideal for absorbing a large flow of traffic.

Its engine, with patented magnetic technology, prevents friction and increases service life up to 4 times longer than its direct competitors. It has a 2-year warranty.

Additional information


– Height: 1400 mm.
– Length: 1200 mm.
– Width: 180 mm.
– Glass barrier height: 1400 mm.
– Passage width: 550 mm. – 920 mm.

Standard equipment

– Advanced motor with patented magnetic technology.
– Robust brake system with double mechanism.
– RS 485 / USB / Ethernet communication.
– Safe deposit box for cash with electronic validator.
– Internal alarm indicator and remote alarm outputs.
– Informative LCD display.
• Fail Safe: safety unlocking due to power failure.
– Card reader for employees.
• Fully electronic and bidirectional operation.

Materials and finishes

– Cabinet and base: stainless steel AISI 304.
– Side panels: 8 mm tempered safety glass.
– Glass barrier: 10 mm tempered safety glass.

Options and accessories

– RFID reader housing (flush-mounted)
– Wing lights (Barrier illuminated by LEDs. Color according to condition).
– Pictograms for lane marking.
– WAV sound player.
– Remote control: Button panel or touch screen.
– Mounting ramp for quick installation without holes.


– Local and remote alarm.
– 30 pairs of advanced infrared sensors.
• Detection of passage of more than one person.
• Anti-fraud by overpass or underpass.

Payment system

– Multi-currency mechanism with exchange return.
– Two types of currencies accepted simultaneously.
– Contactless: card, NFC, city cards.