Facial recognition + palm + temperature.
Mask detection.

QRD1000IFace is a high-speed biometric terminal for access control and time&attendance control, with recognition of face, veins of the palm hand in hand and fever. Incorporates the German temperature sensor most advanced on the market. No blackbody required. Allows detection of people with and without masks, increasing safety.

Incorporates the German temperature sensor most advanced on the market. The facial recognition capability reaches a maximum of 50.000 facial stencils, a recognition speed of less than 0.3 seconds per face and is protected against counterfeiting thanks to its algorithm. In addition, 3-in-1 palm recognition (palm shape, palm print and palm vein) is performed in 0,35 seconds per hand.

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This advanced device can also assist in the infectious and communicable disease surveillance, which is extremely useful in combating the spread of disease outbreaks, especially in hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, stations and other public areas.

Additional information


Algorithm with non-inverse encryption

Capacidad de fotografías


Capacidad de Palmas de mano

5.000 (1:N)

Capacidad de personas usuarias


Capacidad de Registros

1.000.000, 2,000,000 (Optional)

Capacidad de rostros

30.000 (1:N), 50.000 (1:1)

Capacidad de foto evento



< 2.000mA


(A x A x L): 227 mm x 143 mm x 26 mm

Fuente de alimentación

12V DC

Humedad de funcionamiento

≤ 93%

Peso neto

853 g.

Temperatura almacenamiento

-40°C ~ +65°C


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