9 dBi Antenna QualicaRD

Antenna 9dBi (UHF-RFID)
23 meters max distance.

Qualica-RD 9dBi Panel Antenna. Portable panel antenna with fast read/write, long distance and bulk tag reading features, with high data security guaranteed.

The device is portable, lightweight and easy to install, has a high IP protection rating. With this in mind, Ant-RC09-255/255 is an ideal antenna for various industries; logistics, warehousing, transportation, retail, medical treatment, electric power, finance, ticket management and livestock industry, etc.

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Qualica-RD Antenna 9 dBi
  • High performance, light weight and small size
  • Antenna and reader are separated
  • Fast reading and writing, long distance
  • IP67
  • Antenna cables (optional, customizable):
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR2-1M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR2-5M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR2-15M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR4-5M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR4-15M

Additional information


-Gama de frecuencias: 902-928MHz / 865-868MHz
-Tipo de polarización: RHCP
-Ganancia: 9dBi
-3dB Ancho de haz. Plan H: 60°
– 3dB Ancho de haz. Plan E: 55°
-VSWR: ≤1.3
-Relación anverso-reverso: ≥17dB
-Resistencia de entrada: 50Ω
-Potencia máx. entrada: 20W
-Protección contra rayos: CC Conectado a tierra


-Tipo de conector: Tipo N Hembra
-Dimensiones (mm): 255*255*30 (mm)
-Peso: 1.27kg (con soporte de montaje)
-Material: ABS
-Color: blanco roto
-Material del tablero radiante: aluminio
-Temperatura de funcionamiento: -40ºC / +60ºC
-Sellado: IP67
-Modo de instalación: Montaje en poste o en pared
-Diámetro del poste de soporte: φ30-φ50 (mm)
-Velocidad nominal del viento: 60m/s