12 dBi Antenna QualicaRD

12dBi antenna (UHF-RFID)
30 meters maximum distance.

Qualica-RD 12dBi panel antenna (Ant-RC12). Characterized by high sensitivity, superior reading performance and readability, long distance reading of bulk tags. It has IP67 protection degree and good waterproofness.

These parameters make the device perfectly suited for maximum performance in a wide range of industries such as; intelligent transportation, warehousing, event management, production line management, inventive retail strategies, financial management and medical equipment management, etc.

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Qualica-RD Antenna 12 dBi
  • Attractive design, easy to install and use
  • Fast reading and writing, long distance
  • IP67
  • Antenna cables (optional, customizable):
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR2-1M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR2-5M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR2-15M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR4-5M
    – Ant-CA-SMA.M/N.M-LMR4-15M

Additional information


-Gama de frecuencias: 902-928MHz / 865-868MHz
-Tipo de polarización: RHCP
-Ganancia: 12 dBi
-3dB Ancho de haz. Plan H: 40°
– 3dB Ancho de haz. Plan E: 38°
-VSWR: ≤1.3
-Relación anverso-reverso: ≥17dB
-Resistencia entrada: 50Ω
-Potencia máx. entrada: 20W
-Protección contra rayos: CC Conectado a tierra


-Tipo de conector: Tipo N Hembra
-Dimensiones (mm): 445*445*30 (mm)
-Peso: 2.66kg (con soporte de montaje)
-Material: ABS
-Color: blanco roto
-Material del tablero radiante: aluminio
-Temperatura de funcionamiento: -40ºC / +60ºC
-Sellado: IP67
-Modo de instalación: Montaje en poste
-Diámetro del poste de soporte: φ30-φ50 (mm)
-Velocidad nominal del viento: 60 m/s