Access control and time & attendance terminal that works independently

Qualica-RD IFACE3 (LFH-LFQR-LFT). Metal device especially suitable for outdoors with degree of protection IP65 water and dust resistant. Operates in temperatures of -5 °C a 45 °C. LED light with adjustable brightness. Integrated web server for system configuration.

  • Option card modules: t12.5 KHz EM card / 13.56 MHz IC card (MF). Supports up to 500 faces / 3,000 fingerprints / 3,000 RFID cards / 200,000 records. Support IEEE 802.3af/at power supply through TCP/IP communication.


QRD1000Iface3 - Tipos de terminales según el método de identificación
  • QRD1000Iface3-LHF: has several verification methods, including RFID card, facial recognition and fingerprint verification.
  • QRD1000Iface3-LFQR: has a QR code reading module, supports facial recognition and RFID cards. This product series is also equipped with the latest anti-spooting algorithm which guarantees security.
  • QRD1000Iface3-LFT: supports HD video door phone function through the mobile application. (consult your sales representative).

Additional information


2.4'' touch screen (all models)


QRD1000IFACE3-LFH: Face / Footprint
QRD1000IFACE3-LFQR: Face only

QR Code

QRD1000IFACE3-LFQR: QR Code, Bar Code PDF417 (Optional), Data Matrix (Optional), Micro PDF417 (Optional), Aztec (Optional)


QRD1000IFACE3-LFH: 125 Khz card (optional), 13.56 Mhz card (optional)
QRD1000IFACE3-LFQR: 125 Khz card (optional), 13.56 Mhz card (optional)
QRD1000IFACE3-LFT: Target 125 Khz, Target 13.56 Mhz (optional)

User capacity

3.000 (all models)

Card capacity

3.000 (all models)

Facial capacity

QRD1000IFACE3-LFH: 500 faces
QRD1000IFACE3-LFQR: 500 faces

Logging capacity

200.000 (all models)

Facial recognition algorithm

Qualica-RD 3.5

Facial recognition speed


Facial recognition distance

0.5 meters to 2 meters


TCP/IP, WiFi(Optional), Wiegand Input / Output, RS485, Bluetooth (Optional)

Operating system


Standard functions

ADMS, DST, Camera, 14-digit User ID, Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti-passback, Log Query, Tamper Switch Alarm, Log Query


1.2GHz Dual Core CPU, 256MB RAM/512MB FLASH,1MP Binocular Camera, Adjustable LED Light

Access control interface

Electric lock, door senor, exit button, alarm output, auxiliary input, etc.

Power supply

12V 3A (all models)

Level of protection


Working temperature

-5°C to 45°C

Operating humidity

10% to 90% RH

Dimensions (W*H*D)

185*58.5*20mm (all models)

Supported software/APP

Contact your sales representative for more information