Time & Attendance control in the cloud.
Signing from mobile.

Qualica-RD TIME & CLOUD is a cloud-based software designed to manage the attendance of the company’s employees. They will be signings to clock in from biometric readers, RFID, from the PC or from the mobile APP in a geofenced way with no time or terminal limits. It also allows multi-company management.

With employee web portal, which allows, among other options, to request vacations, to modify transfers and justify absences. It also allows for transfers using mobile device.

The most complete solution on the market. All through the web browser or the APP, without the need for any software application.


New improvements to Qualica-RD TIME&CLOUD software
  • Sanitary Plugin (temperature recording)
  • Facial and palm biometrics control with qrd1000iface terminals
  • New request privileges.
  • QR code associated to the user.
  • List of times and costs.
  • New language.
  • Calendar copy.
  • Calendar import and export.
  • Usability improvements.

Improvement of the access module

  • Remote configuration of access strips in terminals.
  • Remote configuration of terminal access per employee.


  • Of terminals to force information captures.

Choice of terminals

  • Time and attendance, access control or both.

New user notifications

  • Absences, delays, lack of working hours.
Qualica-RD TIME&CLOUD Software Features



                  • No installation, access from any computer.
                  • Security. Database hosted on an external server.
                  • Automatic updates.
                  • No need to make backup copies.


Employee WEB Portal

                  • Employees can consult their data.
                  • Vacation requests, leave justification or change of signatures.
                  • Status of requests (pending, accepted or rejected).
                  • Printing of lists.
                  • Possibility of clocking in with a mobile device.



                  • Day, night, rotating and flexible schedules can be established.
                  • Control costs according to the different schedules.
                  • Controls attendance, incidents, supports schedules, modifies schedules for specific days.



                  • Define calendars for each employee.
                  • Time variations or incidences (vacations, leaves, trips, etc).




                  • Clock rounding, automatic interruptions of presence and departures with automatic incidence.
                  • Automatic pairing of punches, avoiding the need to manually pair and close punches.
                  • Allows punching from mobile devices.



                  • Simplifies the reporting system, making it faster and allowing greater customization.
                  • More columns can be added to reports and custom calculations can be made using formulas.

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Software Qualica-RD
Time & Cloud

    Additional information

    Access to the system

    100% access to the cloud with your login credentials

    Compatible devices

    QRD1000BTAND, QRD1000i680, QRD1000i560, QRD1000iface with and without temperature, QRD1000iface5l with and without temperature.

    Suggested web browsers

    Firefox 27+ / Chrome 33+

    Screen resolution

    1024×768 or higher